2017 Refund Schedule now available

2017 Refund Schedule now available

We have the Refund Schedule and our estimated first 2017 IRS acceptance date below.

We know it is early this year, but just for informational purposes we have released a 2017 Refund Schedule for next year. We do not represent this schedule as fact, but we do base it all of the released information from the IRS. We also use prior year information as well as prior prior year information.2017 Refund Schedule

We have really only had one major news story come out regarding next year and sadly, it was regarding a 2017 tax delay. The IRS did announce that 2016 Tax Returns using the Earned Income Credit and/or the Additional Child Tax Credit would be delayed. This delay is estimated to only be roughly 10 or 11 days after others are accepted. “To comply with the law, the IRS will hold the refunds on EITC and ACTC-related returns until Feb. 15.” We have this full story from the IRS available here.

We are estimating January 24th, 2017 to be the first day the IRS accepts tax returns in 2017. This is only an estimate based on prior years and the IRS usually do not release this information until December. We will post regarding this and update our 2017 Refund Schedule as soon as we have a press release from the IRS.

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See the Unofficial 2017 IRS Refund Schedule here. Were you looking for our 2016 Refund Cycle Chart? Find it here.