Obamacare Form 1095A available online

If you don’t have your 1095A form you can view it online.

1095A forms aren’t available until after they filed. So while you can view it online earlier than you may see it in the mail, you shouldn’t expect to be able to view it any way until it is officially filed to the IRS by the Marketplace.

Find your Form 1095A online

  • Log in to Marketplace account
  • Select your 2015 application (be sure you’re not choosing your 2015 coverage application)
  • Select “Tax forms” from the menu on the left
  • View or download each Form 1095-A
  • All 1095-As are also available with your Marketplace messages

Please note in some states 1095-A forms won’t be sent until the end of February. In some specific instances, your form may not be filed until some time in March. Others still may not have a 1095-A filed for them until after April 15th, those who haven’t gotten a form yet should consider filing an automatic extension. We can only imagine how frustrating it is to wait on this, but aside from just waiting, calling the Marketplace or the IRS and following up is your best bet for finding a resolution. When that fails filing an extension is suggested.

Also note: Some HealthCare.Gov customers were sent the wrong 1095a form. Checkour page on getting the wrong 1095-A form to see what to do in this case.

You have until April 18th, to file your 1040 and related ObamaCare forms.

For those who got cost assistance, and are running out of time. Here is the information on your 1095-A (this doesn’t replace filing an extension, but can be helpful in estimating your 1040 at the very least):

  • The months you, your spouse, and dependents had coverage.
  • Your total premiums paid for you, your spouse, and dependents.
  • The cost of the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan in your Marketplace.
  • The total amount of Advanced Premium Tax Credit that was paid on your behalf.

Since you don’t actually have to file a 1095-A yourself, if you can gather the above information you can fill out the Premium Tax Credit 8962 form without using a 1095-A. The IRS suggests: “If taxpayers experience difficulty obtaining the Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, from their Marketplace, they should review the monthly billing statements provided by their health coverage provider or contact the provider directly to obtain the coverage information, monthly premium amount, and amount of monthly advance credit payments made on their behalf.”

If you are running out of time to file, you can learn more on our page on how to file without a 1095-A.

Also for those who wish to do so, you can file form 4868 for an extension of time to file your income taxes.

For more information on what is on your 1095-A see our simplified guide to the 1095-A.