What is the IRS Refund Schedule?

There hasn’t been an official IRS Refund Schedule since 2011 Tax Season. We started in 2012 creating a similar IRS Refund Schedule for our viewers. We have continued each year to create a reliable updated IRS Refund Schedule. Each year we have dealt with changes by the IRS, but we continue to keep the most updated Refund Schedule on the web. We keep up with the IRS and tax laws passed through the house and congress to give everyone a reliable tax schedule.

We use prior year dates, IRS news, and our viewer input to put together the IRS Refund Schedule. We always welcome input on the schedule and feel free to comment below if you find any problems with our tax schedule. We use the term IRS Refund Schedule to represent the federal government tax refund versus your state refund. We are not attempting to pretend to be the IRS. We are in no relation to the federal government. We are a private entity owned by an individual. We hope that this answers the question “What is the IRS Refund Schedule?“.

2016 IRS Refund Schedule

2015 IRS Refund Schedule

2014 IRS Refund ScheduleWhat is the IRS Refund Schedule?

2013 IRS Refund Schedule