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Federal Income Tax Rate 2016 – Tax Brackets – IRS Tax Tables

2016/17 Income Tax Rates – 2016 Tax Brackets – Federal Income Tax Rate 2016

2016/17 Income Tax Rates was released by the IRS for tax returns filed in 2017. The IRS Tax Tables for taxes due April 17th, 2017. Story here.

Each year the IRS adjusts forty plus tax rules for inflation and other factors. The IRS does this to prevent any bracket creep. This keeps you from moving into a higher tax brackets just because your taxable income changes due to deductions vanishing. The IRS uses the Consumer Price Index to estimate prior year inflation and adjust income thresholds, deduction amounts, and credit values. Federal Income Tax Rate 2016 listed here

In 2016, taxable income limits for all tax brackets and all filing types will be adjusted for inflation.

Income Tax RateFiling Status: SingleFiling Status: Head of householdFiling Status: Married filing jointly or widow(er)Filing Status: Married filing separately
10% Up to $9,275Up to $13,250 Up to $18,550Up to $9,275
15% $9,276 to $37,650$13,251 to $50,400 $18,551 to $75,300$9,276 to $37,650
25% $37,651 to $91,150$50,401 to $130,150 $75,301 to $151,900$37,651 to $75,950
28% $91,151 to $190,150$130,151 to $210,800 $151,901 to $231,450$75,951 to $115,725
33% $190,151 to $413,350$210,801 to $413,350 $231,451 to $413,350$115,726 to $206,675
35% $413,351 to $415,050$413,351 to $441,000 $413,351 to $466,950$206,676 to $233,475
39.6% $415,051+$441,001+ $466,951+$233,476+

2015/2016 IRS Tax Brackets for taxes due April 18th, 2016. These would be for tax returns filed for 2015 Tax Season.2015 Income Tax Brackets Income Tax Rates

For reference points, we have included links to the prior years tax brackets below:

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Percentage Method Tables for Income Tax Withholding (For Wages Paid in 2016)

IRS Tax Tables 2016 Percentage Method Income Tax Rates

We understand that the 2016 Tax Brackets can be complicated, so we suggest testing out your income in a Tax Refund Calculator, such as this one here.


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