2017 IRS Refund Cycle Chart for 2016 Tax Year. 2017 Refund Schedule

IRS 2017 Tax Refund Schedule for Tax Year 2016 – Tax Refund Dates for 2017

The IRS just announced the First Official Day to File your 2016 Tax Returns. See our schedule for details. We have updated our website for the 2017 Tax Season. What does the PATH message mean on IRS Where’s My Refund or IRS2Go

Important News for those files Earned Income Credit and/or additional child tax credit. IRS Tax Refund Delay for EITC and ACTC filers. We have updated our Where’s My Tax Refund Status Android App.

This schedule no longer applies, please visit our 2018 Refund Cycle Chart for Tax Year 2017.

This is the schedule for 2017 IRS Refund Cycle Chart. Updated for Tax Season 2016. Direct Deposit and Check date’s below. Please see *disclaimer. 2017 tax refund schedule is listed below for information purposes. Find out when you’re state income tax refund will be in. Are you stuck on one bar at Where’s My Refund? Find out why.2016 IRS Refund Cycle Chart See below to answer the common question “When should I get my IRS Tax Refund in 2017?”
Estimate your 2017 Tax Refund before you file with our 2017 Tax Refund Calculator.

Get the “Where’s my refund?” app on Android  App. Our 2017 IRS Refund Cycle Chart Below.


IRS Refund Accepted On or AfterIRS Refund Accepted BeforeTax Refund Direct Deposit or Check MailedNOTES
Friday 1/13/17 IRS E-File Test PeriodFriday 1/22/17Friday 1/27/17First 2017 Direct Deposit Date
Monday 1/23/17 NOW OFFICIALFriday 1/27/17Friday 2/3/17First Day of Tax Season 2017
Friday 1/27/17Friday 2/3/17Friday 2/10/17
Friday 2/3/17Friday 2/10/17Friday 2/15/17
Friday 2/10/17Friday 2/17/17Friday 2/24/17First Payout Date for EITC and ACTC.
Friday 2/17/17Friday 2/24/17Friday 3/3/17
Friday 2/24/17Friday 3/3/17Friday 3/10/17
Friday 3/3/17Friday 3/10/17Friday 3/17/17
Friday 3/10/17Friday 3/17/17Friday 3/24/17
Friday 3/17/17Friday 3/24/17Friday 3/31/17
Friday 3/24/17Friday 3/31/17Friday 4/7/17
Friday 3/31/17Friday 4/7/17Friday 4/14/17
Friday 4/7/17Friday 4/14/17Friday 4/21/17
Friday 4/14/17Friday 4/21/17Friday 4/28/17
Friday 4/21/17Friday 4/28/17Friday 5/5/17
Friday 4/28/17Friday 5/5/17Friday 5/12/17
Friday 5/5/17Friday 5/12/17Friday 5/19/17
Friday 5/12/17Friday 5/19/17Friday 5/26/17
Friday 5/19/17Friday 5/26/17Friday 6/2/17
Friday 5/26/17Friday 6/2/17Friday 6/9/17Memorial Day
Friday 6/2/17Friday 6/9/17Friday 6/16/17
Friday 6/9/17Friday 6/16/17Friday 6/23/17
Friday 6/16/17Friday 6/23/17Friday 6/30/17
Friday 6/23/17Friday 6/30/17Friday 7/7/17
Friday 6/30/17Friday 7/7/17Friday 7/14/17Independence Day
Friday 7/7/17Friday 7/14/17Friday 7/21/17
Friday 7/14/17Friday 7/21/17Friday 7/28/17
Friday 7/21/17Friday 7/28/17Friday 8/4/17
Friday 7/28/17Friday 8/4/17Friday 8/11/17
Friday 8/4/17Friday 8/11/17Friday 8/18/17
Friday 8/11/17Friday 8/18/17Friday 8/25/17
Friday 8/18/17Friday 8/25/17Friday 9/1/17
Friday 8/25/17Friday 9/1/17Friday 9/8/17
Friday 9/1/17Friday 9/8/17Friday 9/15/17Labor Day
Friday 9/8/17Friday 9/15/17Friday 9/22/17
Friday 9/15/17Friday 9/22/17Friday 9/29/17
Friday 9/22/17Friday 9/29/17Friday 10/6/17
Friday 9/29/17Friday 10/6/17Friday 10/13/17
Friday 10/6/17Friday 10/13/17Friday 10/20/17
Friday 10/13/17Friday 10/20/17Friday 10/27/17
Friday 10/20/17Friday 10/27/17Friday 11/3/17
Friday 10/27/17Friday 11/3/17Friday 11/10/17
Friday 11/3/17Thursday 11/9/17Friday 11/17/17Veterans Day
Saturday 11/11/17Friday 11/17/17Friday 11/24/17
Friday 11/17/17Friday 11/24/17Friday 12/1/17Thanksgiving
Friday 11/24/17Friday 12/1/17Friday 12/8/17
Friday 12/1/17Friday 12/8/17Friday 12/15/17
Friday 12/8/17Friday 12/15/17Friday 12/22/17
Friday 12/15/17Friday 12/22/17Friday 12/29/17
Friday 12/22/17Friday 12/29/17Friday 1/5/18Christmas
Friday 12/29/17Friday 1/5/18Friday 1/12/18
Friday 1/5/18Friday 1/12/18Friday 1/19/18
Friday 1/12/18Friday 1/19/18Friday 1/26/18

*These are only estimates, the I.R.S. has refused to give exact dates to new audit process. ADVANCED USERS: The IRS does release their Processing, Production, and Posting Cycle, read more. There are no guarantees with the I.R.S this year, but one thing is for sure: The earlier you file, the earlier you will receive a return. Check the status of your 2017 Tax Refund on the I.R.S.’s Where’s My Refund tool. 2017 IRS income Tax Refund Schedule. IRS Tax Season 2017 details. 2017 Income Tax Refund Status. Were you accepted but not approved, find out what that means.

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2017 tax refund schedule

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What is the IRS Refund Schedule?

There hasn’t been an official IRS Refund Schedule since 2011 Tax Season. We started in 2012 creating a similar IRS Refund Schedule for our viewers. We have continued each year to create a reliable updated IRS Refund Schedule. Each year we have dealt with changes by the IRS, but we continue to keep the most updated Refund Schedule on the web. We keep up with the IRS and tax laws passed through the house and congress to give everyone a reliable tax schedule. We use prior year dates, IRS news, and our viewer input to put together the IRS Refund Schedule. We always welcome input on the schedule and feel free to comment below if you find any problems with our tax schedule. We use the term IRS Refund Schedule to represent the federal government tax refund versus your state refund. We are not attempting to pretend to be the IRS. We are in no relation to the federal government. We are a private entity owned by an individual. We estimate our 2017 Tax Chart using actual user data, see our chart of information.

Got other questions? See our 2017 Tax Season Frequently Asked Questions.