How do you plan to spend your Tax Refund?

How do you plan to spend your Tax Refund?

Just for Fun: Those who have already gotten their refund or will get it Wednesday, how do you plan to spend your Tax Refund?

We know a lot of people look down upon people for spending their tax refunds in different ways. None of that is allowed here. We really just want to hear the fun ways you plan to spend your 2017 tax refund.2017 Tax Refund

There are many ways to use your tax refund. Whether you are paying down your bills, handling old credit card debt, planning a family vacation, or going to the bahamas for a few days on Spring break. We want to hear about it. Please reply in the comments section of this post or on our Facebook page to this post. We love hearing from our viewers and would like our community to continue on throughout the year.

Thank you all for reading and giving feedback. We really enjoying reading each and every comment.

Disclaimer: No complaining that you didn’t get a refund. No asking Where’s My Refund on this post, we have many posts where this is totally acceptable. No negative commentary on other people’s 2017 tax refund plans. No negative here.

2017 Tax Refund