How will the government shutdown impact my tax refund? 2019

Government shutdown and 2019 Tax Refunds

We have had this question a lot lately. With the current government shutdown going on, how will our tax refund be impacted?

With the recent government shutdown and the IRS announcing that it will furlough 57% of it’s current workforce, it brings into question this year’s tax refunds.

Our most asked question right now is “How will the government shutdown impact my tax refund?” We do not have official word, but we will tell you exactly what we know now. We listed below 5 things to know about the government shutdown and your tax refund:

  1. Automated processing will not be impacted, so as long as you do not need any human interaction your tax return will be processed still.
  2. If you are audited or owe back taxes, your tax return processing could be substantially delayed.
  3. The processing of actually sending direct deposits is manual and that process could be delayed, so yes your tax refund direct deposit/check could be delayed.
  4. You should still file your tax refund as normal and it should still process normally unless there is a problem.
  5. If the government shutdown ends before the first day of tax season, January 29th, everything should be back on track.

We will update our 2019 Refund Schedule once we know for sure that the government shutdown isn’t going to end by the first day of tax season.

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