Where’s My Refund Updated for PATH act 2018

The IRS Where’s My Refund tool just updated for PATH act 2018

Did your Where’s My Refund update recently? Was it previously the PATH act message and now it says processing?

As of yesterday, the PATH act is no longer in affect, so those who filed before should now see their tax refunds processing. This would make your processing date February 15th, 2018, for use on our 2018 Refund Schedule.

Here is a message we received from one of our Facebook followers.: “Updated from PATH to processing. Pulled up my transcript. Shows “Refund issued” with a date of 2-22. Last year my transcripts showed a date of 2-23, which is the day they hit my account. Just thought I’d share, for those of you that can check your transcripts.”


What does processing mean?

It means that the IRS is processing your Refund Date. Typically at this point, they have already processed your actual tax return.


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