Early Tax Return Acceptances have been reported.

Early Tax Return Acceptance has recently been reported to us.

We have had a few of our Facebook followers and website viewers report that they have had their federal tax returns accepted by the IRS already for Tax Season 2017. We were under the impression from the IRS that returns would not be accepted until January 23rd, 2017. This is great news for those lucky ones. We will update our 2017 IRS tax refund schedule to reflect the lucky few who have been accepted. Feel free to send us an email regarding your tax return acceptance date to give us all some hope. Many individuals might expect to get their IRS Tax Return Acceptance Early, but read the email before jumping to that conclusion. Early Tax Return Acceptance is very common each tax season due to the IRS testing their online e-file processing.

We are keeping this very short because none of our accountants or clients have reported this and it is purely from Facebook messages.

Early Tax Return Acceptance 2016

Our email is Info @ RefundSchedule.com. Send us an email and we will update this post to reflect the email.


Thank you for reading.