Contest: We will match one lucky taxpayers tax refund.

Contest: We will match one lucky taxpayers tax refund.Social Media Sharing Contest. Win Money

We have invested a lot of money into social media marketing. We have decided to stop spending money on advertising in an effort to pass those funds to our awesome viewers. This is in no way a scam and we will not need anyone’s personal information besides the winner of the contest.

Please read very carefully to how you can submit your name into the raffle. This is no cost to join this raffle. One entry per person. The winning social media account will be closely verified to make sure it isn’t a bot account so do not try to cheat the system.

  • Share any of our Facebook posts starting today. The winner must also like our page, so make sure you have liked the Facebook page as well. If you have shared our posts or page in the past, this will not count.
  • Retweet any of our Twitter posts using the hashtag “#tax” and include our twitter name @RefundSchedule. The winner must be a follower of our Twitter page.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Each individual is allowed two entries into the contest. One for their Facebook page and one for their Twitter page. Only two per person.
  2. The winning account must have a minimum of 100 Facebook friends and at least 50 Twitter followers.
  3. Not getting a tax refund this year? That’s no problem. We will offer $500.00 even if you owed, weren’t eligible, or just don’t want to prove to us that you had a tax refund.
  4. The maximum amount awarded will be $1000.00, so even if your tax return was over $1000.00, that is the most that we can offer.
  5. The winner must be a US citizen.
  6. The contest will last for 30 days so until March 21st, 2015.
  7. We will select the winner raffle style using a third party, so not to involve us personally.
  8. We will update this post if rules are changed. Join our mailing list if you wish to be alerted of these changes.