Contest: Match My 2016 IRS Refund

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Contest: We will match one lucky taxpayers 2016 IRS Refund.Contest: Match My 2016 IRS Refund

We have invested a lot of money into social media marketing. We have decided to stop spending money on advertising in an effort to pass those funds to our awesome viewers. This is in no way a scam and we will not need anyone’s personal information besides the winner of the contest. This is our official Match my 2016 IRS Refund page, no other post represents our “Match My Refund” contest.

Please read very carefully to how you can submit your name into the raffle. This is no cost to join this raffle. One entry per person per social media outlet. The winning social media account will be closely verified to make sure it isn’t a bot account so do not try to cheat the system.

Ways to Enter for a chance to have your 2016 IRS Refund Matched by

  • Share any of our Facebook posts starting today. The winner must also like our page, so make sure you have liked the Facebook page as well. If you have shared our posts or page in the past, this will not count.
  • Retweet any of our Twitter posts using the hashtag “#Tax” and include our twitter handle @RefundSchedule. The winner must be a follower of our Twitter page.
  • Reply to this post in the comments section with “I Filed (Date Filed), I was accepted on (Date Accepted), and I received my Refund on (Direct Deposit Date or Check Mailed Date.)” Please fill in the ( ) with your correct information.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Each individual is allowed up to three entries into the contest. One for their Facebook page, one for their Twitter page and one for replying to this post with the above parameters.. Only three per person.
  2. The winning account must have a minimum of 100 Facebook friends and at least 50 Twitter followers.
  3. Not getting a tax refund this year? That’s no problem. We will offer $500.00 even if you owed, weren’t eligible, or just don’t want to prove to us that you had a tax refund.
  4. The maximum amount awarded will be $2000.00, so even if your tax return was over $2000.00, that is the most that we can offer.
  5. The winner must be a US citizen.
  6. The contest will last for 30 days so until March 31st, 2016. We updated this date to allow for more of our followers to have their tax returns accepted.
  7. We will select the winner raffle style using a third party, so not to involve us personally.
  8. We will update this post if rules are changed. Join our mailing list if you wish to be alerted of these changes.
  • HyppyChick

    I filed January 19, I was accepted on January 20, and I received my Refund on February 10, 2016.

  • lori sherrod

    I filed January 7th, I was accepted January 11th, I received my deposit February 8th

  • Kasey DeFrees

    I filed on January 12, I was accepted on January 12, and I received my direct deposit on February 3, 2016!

  • Wendy Barnes Hudson

    I filed on 1/28/16, my return was accepted on 1/28/16, received my direct deposit on 2/5/16.

  • Cody Nicole Myers

    We filed Ours 1/16/16 was accepted 1/19/16 got them back 2/10/16

  • Darvin Weatherspoon

    We filed on 1/11 accepted on 1/12 got my refund 2/4

  • Katherine Exton

    I Filed 1/23, I was accepted on 1/23, and I received my Refund on 2/10.

  • Monique Bogus

    I filed 1/23 accepted 1/23 received my direct deposit on 2/6

  • Ashley DuJardin

    “I Filed (2/2/16), I was accepted on (2/2/2016), and I received my Refund on (2/10/2016.)”

  • Ebony Tucker Jeffery

    I filed 1/17 got accepted 1/19 and got my refund 2/10

  • Lucinda Stansbury

    I filed on 1/12/16 approved on 1/13/16 received on 2/10/16

  • Shantail Mookie Williams

    I filed on (1/19/16), approved on ( 1/19/16), received on (2/10/16)

  • SimplyBlesed5

    I filed on 1/21/16, got approved on 01/26/16 and still no money due to this new identity theft crap…I’m so jealous but happy for you all at the same time I feel like I’m being tortured no one should have to go through this…called to verify my identity over the phone just to be told to go into the local irs office with two forms of id, birth certificate and my 2015 tax return stood in line for 8 hours with my baby just for them to tell me it could take an additional 9 weeks before I get my refund

  • Michelle Swingle

    I filed 1/19 was accepted on 1/19 and got my refund on 2/8

  • Nancy Louise Hopkins

    I filed on 1/14/16 accepted on 1/18/16 approved on 2/05/16 recieved on 2/10/16

  • Sonya Gay- Miller

    I filed on 1/18/16 accepted on 1/19/16 recieved on 2/05/16
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  • Leiloni Neff

    I filed on 01/29/2016. I was accepted 01/29/2016. I received my refund 02/11/2016.

  • Cari Montz-Ayres

    I filed on (1/28/2016) I was accepted on (1/28/2016) I received my refund (2/10/2016)

  • Denessa Scott

    I filed on 1/10/16, I was accepted on 1/12/16, and received my refund on 2/3/16

  • Brittany Wheeler Lawson

    I filed January 27th. I was accepted on Jan 27th and recieved my deposit Feb 10th.

  • nikki561

    I filed Jan 23 accepted Jan 23 got check on Feb 23 lol a lot of 23s I know

  • Marieta Whitehead

    I filed 02/03 was accepted 02/05 and approved 02/10 for ddd of 02/18 which I received on 02/17.

  • shayna nazario

    I filed Jan 20 accepted Jan 21 and DD on Feb 10

  • Melissa Adam Conner

    I filed January 24, 2016. I was accepted on January 24, 2016. I was approved on February 5, 2016 with a dd of February 10, 2016.

  • Timothy Barre

    I filed 2/25/2016. I was acepted 2/28/2016

  • Kelly Furr Kerley

    I filed 1/15 I was accepted on 1/20 I received my refund on 2/9

  • Shawn Williams Edmiston

    I filed 1/19, accepted 1/20 and direct deposit was February 10.

  • Ashley L

    I filed 1/22 accepted 1/22 and had a ddd of 2/10

  • Deshon Wilson

    “I Filed (January 18, 2016), I was accepted on (January 19,2016), and I received my Refund on (DD February 8, 2016)”

  • Whitney Elkins

    I filed on February 11,accepted February 11 and received refund February 23

    • tiara

      I filed on the 12th and still nothing bars went missing

  • Kenishia Necole Mccray

    I file 02/04/2016 they never told me a date of acceptance it was just a surprise deposit on 02/12/2016

  • Kassandra Medina

    I filed 1/29/16. I was accepted on 1/29/16. I received my refund direct deposit on 2/18/18

  • Jo Xiong

    I filed 2/1/16 and was accepted 2/2/16. I got my direct deposit 2/10/16😜

  • Missy Corrales

    “I Filed (Feb. 4, 2016), I was accepted on (not shown), and I received my Refund on (Check mailed March 4, 2016)”

  • Linda

    I filed on 3/02 and was accepted on 3/02. Should be DD by 3/18

  • Dulce Maria Zermeno

    I filled Feb 21,2016 and got accepted the same day I received my check by mail on March 2 2016

  • dustin drummonds

    I filed on March 3rd and was accepted

  • dustin drummonds

    On the same day and I will receive by direct deposit it should be here by the 18th of March

  • Nikelda

    I filed (March 2). It was accepted (March 2). And it was direct deposited on (March 9). Yowwwwww!😃😃😃😄😄😃😃😆😆😀😆😃

    • Eliana

      Really I filed same day turbo tax and irs site says still processing got my state already but no deposit and no deposit date for fed and still on first green step on the irs site

      • Dustin Drummonds

        I filed h&r block and I’m in same boat

        • Eliana

          Well I just checked irs site again and nothing still same it’s at first step it’s been 10 days and nothing it’s on the same status since March 2 .. When Is the irs gonna move there ass and just give everyone there deposit already 😤😤😤😠😠😠

      • Nikelda

        Wow. Do u remember when u filed if it was doublechecked for any possible audit issues? Or did you have any major changes? But I guess they do say delays are possible.

    • Dustin Drummonds

      Who did you have do you taxes

      • Nikelda

        Hi Dustin! I went to H & R.

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