So far H&R Block is the only tax provider to announce that it will have a tax advance program for 2019. Refund Advance 2019

H&R Block Refund Advance 2019 Details:

H&R Block Refund Advance 2018

Q.) What is the H&R Block Refund Advance?

A.) The H&R Block Refund Advance is a no-interest loan that is repaid with your tax refund. It is offered to H&R Block clients by BofI Federal Bank, Member FDIC, and available in four loan amounts ($500, $750, $1250, $3000). The Refund Advance is a loan; it is not your tax refund.

Q.) When is the H&R Block Refund Advance available?

A.) The H&R Block Refund Advance will be available in participating H&R Block offices beginning Jan. 5, 2018 and ending Feb. 28, 2018.

Q.) How do I apply for the H&R Block Refund Advance 2019?

A.) It’s simple! Have your taxes prepared by one of our tax professionals in a participating H&R Block office. Tell your tax pro that you want to apply for the Refund Advance. You must pass certain eligibility requirements (such as having a sufficient refund amount and ID verification) and complete the application. If approved, the bank will notify you with the approved loan amount typically the same day you apply.

Full details on the H&R Block program here. This is different than the H&R Block Holiday Program we posted earlier.

Also TurboTax just announced that it will have it’s TurboTax Absolute Zero program back this year for free tax filing for nearly 60 million americans.