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    When you apply for a job you should explain about your responsibilities and duties to employer that what you will do during that job and also ask about the duties which employer will assign you during job.

    It comes a day after the Duke faced criticism for an apparent swipe at the British Empire by saying the history of the Commonwealth ‘must be acknowledged’, even if it’s ‘uncomfortable’. 

    He told the Today programme: ‘This really should be a matter of open discussion and acknowledgement of what the wrongs were, particularly through the slave trade and how we come to a common understanding about this.’

    Speaking from his home in Los Angeles, the royal said the Commonwealth, which is headed by his grandmother the Queen, needs to follow others who have ‘acknowledged the past’ and are ‘trying to right their wrongs’. 

    Payroll tax cuts may not make the cut in the next coronavirus relief bill, currently known as CARES Act 2.

    Face mask tips to remember:

    two. Job requirements: Make sure you know the skills necessary for the job you finally need to get.Skills not only means the technical skills but the interpersonal & communication skills necessary for the job.Try to build these skills.

    Big rivers posed serious hurdles in movement and while all sort of local watercraft was extended for the Indians, our troops couldn’t locate their ferries when they retreated across Jamuna river!

    One must understand the value of career development in order to have bright future as choosing the wrong field can be a living nightmare for whole of the life. Finally, the career must be choosing very carefully as it plays a pivot role and the entire life depends on it.

    Women have made huge strides in the conservative country since the Taliban rule of 1996 to 2001, when they were banned from attending school or work and could not even go outside without a male relative.

    He said the country had earmarked 4 billion rupees ($24 million) for the initiative’s first phase over the next three years, of which at least 80% would be spent on creating green find jobs and increasing community engagement.

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    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans are working on a CARES 2 package that they will propose Monday. It’ll focus on reopening schools, jobs, the economy and health care.

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