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    Christian lloyd

    Okay so I got a couple questions for you guys so I started filling out my taxes I’m young but I always do it right and never have a problem my first question is when I filed my taxes it said that I won’t be penalized this year for not having health insurance is that right I seen something about a new law that was in effect that wouldn’t penalize you for not having it and my next question is so last year in the middle of the year my husband’s company that I file taxes for switched so like he was under one pay company that gave him one paystub and another company that gave him another pay stub well I only filed half of it last year and they said you had four years to file a W-2 but it wasn’t a mistake so I didn’t do a amended return because he’s supposed to get that money or whatever but that shouldn’t affect how fast we get ours this year right we’ve never had a problem and I didn’t fill out and I’m in return because it wasn’t wrong it was just he had two W-2 is he added one but not the other can I still add it this year not have a problem I was going to ask a Facebook group but you guys seem more professional

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