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    Theresa Hall

    I filed and was accepted 2/8 wmr still says its processing no path message yet my boyfriend filed 2/7 he received his path message 2/7.Is there something wrong with my return?

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    Steven Sanderson

    I’m in the same situation, I filed with Jackson Hewitt on 02/10/2017 and mine went straight to accepted with no PATH message. My guess since I cant find any information is that we filed late enough that there was no chance that we would be approved before the 15th so they didnt bother giving us the PATH message.

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    Theresa Hall

    I really hope that is the case I really getting worried

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    Filed 2/2. Accepted 2/2. One bar 2/3. Path message 2/7. Child support offest married filing joint with eitc credit. Still path message. Didnt order transcripts. Am about to try to look them up online

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    Steven Sanderson

    The IRS has said that everyone that has a PATH message should have either gotten an update about 15 minutes ago or if not then by the 18th at the latest. I still have no PATH message and I doubt that I will get one since its now the 16th and they dont have to hold the money anymore.

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    my path msg is gone now its just saying its been reacive and being processed

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    Steven Sanderson

    I never got the PATH message so im not sure when mine will update, it has said it is being processed since it was filed and accepted on the 10th.

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    Filed 01/23/17 Accepted 01/27/2017, Had the path message, switched to Return is processing.

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    my path msg is gone now its just saying its been reacive and being processed

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    Update 2/16/2017 5am CST. We have had 100s of validated reports this morning of the PATH act message disappearing and a processing message appearing.

    “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”

    This is due to the IRS removing the PATH act message from Where’s My Refund. It will show a direct deposit date by February 18th. If you do not have a direct deposit date by Feb. 18th, you will need to contact the IRS toll-free line.


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    Theresa Hall

    I filed on 2/8 I still do not have the path message I’m getting worried. My boyfriend filed 2/7 he had the path message now its saying processing

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    Steven Sanderson

    I still think ours has been processing since it was accepted, the people that got the PATH message are basically already approved and ours is still in processing.

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    filed on January 31st and accepted on January 31st still on one bar no path message. Both credits unable to order transcripts saying no information for 2016 I’m worried something is really wrong with my return nothing has changed since 2015

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    Steven Sanderson

    I just checked my return and account transcripts and I can order both for the 2016 tax year so hopefully we will both get a deposit date tonight at 3am EST.

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    I feel bamboozled..they said they were holding taxes til feb15th…now they say they are processing…like they had wayyy more time this year why arent they already processed…and released immediately after tax act date…

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