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    Angela Coney

    Are people getting for 4883c? If so, do any if them that have verified have a DDD yet after verifying? Now sure why I got the form, concerning! They are saying I have to wait 9 weeks now for my refund to be processed, ugh!

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    This can be random, but most of the time it is related to someone attempting to steal your identity.

    We have not had any other reports of this.

    You will still need to continue checking Where’s My Refund. We cannot estimate a refund date when there is a hold up of any kind. Any time that there is any form of a review, the time frame is uncertain.


    Understanding form 4883c per IRS.gov:

    We received your federal income tax return, but we need more information to verify your identity in order to process your tax return accurately. The contact information below is only for taxpayers who received Letter 4883C.
    What you must do
    Call the toll-free IRS Identity Verification telephone number at 800-830-5084.
    Have a copy of the 4883C letter you received, a copy of your prior year tax return (if you filed one) and your most recently filed tax return (if you filed one), as well as any supporting documentation for each years return (such as W-2’s, 1099’s, Schedule C, Schedule F, etc.) when you call.
    The toll-free IRS Identity Verification telephone number is available for you to call even if you haven’t filed a tax return for this year.
    This contact information is only for taxpayers who received Letter 4883C. The toll-free number is for identity verification only. No other tax-related information, including refund status, is available.
    Answers to common questions
    What happens after I call?
    We’ll continue processing your tax return once we verify your identity and confirm that you submitted the return. If you did file the return, please know it will take approximately 9 weeks to process it once you verify your identity.

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    Roland McDonald

    I have done a lot of research and talked to a lot of folks. Some were hacked but nearly all were receiving EIC or Addition child TC. It seems like an IRS tactic to shift payouts down the line. Possibly to balance out refunds and pay ins or just plain targeting poor people. It is not out of the ordinary for the IRS to target any demographic based on the will of top level administrator’s discretion. My findings aren’t concrete because the sample size is in the hundreds, not thousands, but trending towards a very specific demographic. PATH is already targeting low income families, why should 4883c be any different.I got a letter after WHERES MY REFUND said return was sent to my bank. Do the math. Full disclosure: I was included in two separate hacks. One with the OPM and the other DHS, plus my return was rather irregular, but the size of my refund was said to be the trigger, not hacks.

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