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    On Feb 18th, 2017 I received code 1541. No bars, no tax topic and no amount on wmr. All gone. I called irs twice. One rep said I’d get a letter, the other rep said I’m in review because they are checking my withholdings from one of my w2’s that the tax preparer made a mistake. The rep said to wait 45 days. I filed January 23, 2017 with a ctc. Anyone receive their refund if they got this code? They told me to wait 45 days from Feb 14, 2017. My tax preparer said I’d get it on the 27th of February. Still nothing. I did order my return transcripts via u.s. mail. Has anyone received this or gotten their refund? I have no offsets, don’t owe them money, no student loans and my tax preparer has no idea. Is there a light at the end of t h is messed up tunnel? Please comment only on code 1541.

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    I called the irs yesterday and they told me tthat my refund had a block and also mentioned a code but also said there wasn’t a number to the code and then said that they were going to send a referral letter to have them release the refund,does this make any sense to anyone?please help

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    Hey this happened to me… I am over my 21 days as well. I was told by the THIRD person I talked to that my refund was being reviewed due to how much money I was getting back with credits. They are basically re-doing your taxes to make sure you deserve the money which is comical. I know of people who haven’t worked all year that got their taxes back already. They are trying to block the legit tax payers but still paying out fradulent claims

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    I have receive reference 1541
    I did my taxes on February 2 and till now I haven’t receive my refund yet.
    At first I wasn’t able to see my status because it said my information wasn’t matching . I went to the lady that did my refund she was trying to check on the computer and I was block for some reason they end up calling the software to unblock me wish they never said why I was block.finally onece I was unblock I was able to see my status and that’s when I found the notice on the irs app..I call the IRS the first time they tall me the my refund was received and approved on February 12 but they were just reviewing my refund and there nothing they need from me just to keep checking the app for updates.. Second time I called they tall me the same but I was gonna received a letter on the mail with more information. Same day a call the thresuary and they said I don’t own any money or anything to the IRS so there wore no reason to hold my check..today I called march 06 and I had a different ext number #712! I spoke to a lady and she said the latter im supposed to receive on the mail have the release day for my refund the I should be getting it in 1 to two weeks..this is really stupit.its a lot of people the doesn’t work at all and claim cash work and they got there refund..

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    Did anyone receive there refunds after having the reference 1541

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    I have the same reference code and received a letter in the mail last week from the IRS saying they’re reviewing all of my information. They also stated I don’t have to do anything at this time.

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    I got the code Feb 16 2019. It’s the weekend so I can’t call the IRS til Tues. President day is Monday.

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    I got the same code. I’ve called a couple times and I have been unable to get any clear answers. Basically told to wait and keep checking the IRS website for any updates. As for a letter, I’m told nothing has been sent out.

    Same thing happened to me last year. I was selected for a more in depth review. Idk why but I ended up getting my refund mid March last year. Hoping it’s the same thing this year.

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